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Mobile MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging is an effective and safe method that provides accurate images of internal organs, making it possible to observe lesions and efficiently implement any necessary treatment. Magnetic resonance imaging is currently one of the most important diagnostic methods in the field of imaging.

obile MRI enables performing examinations, regardless of unfavourable circumstances. It allows specialists to conveniently perform diagnostic imaging of the body in any cross-sectional plane, ensuring the evaluation of lesions with even greater precision, defining their location, morphology and even more precisely. A major advantage is that the MRI examination is completely non-invasive and harmless to the body. As there is no need to use radiation, the examination can also be performed on pregnant women.

Mobile MRI and modern expectations

Modern MRI equipment is considerably different from its predecessors. What we offer are fully equipped and functional mobile units that guarantee maximum comfort for the specialists and the patients. Our mobile MRIs meet the highest standards and quality, maintain the highest standard and provide exceptional accuracy and convenience. Feel free to contact us, to choose a model that fully meets your requirements and needs.


GE Excite HDxt 1.5T Magnetic Resonance unit with additional equipment (coils, Medrad Spectris Solaris dualhead injector, operator console).


GE Signa Voyager 1.5T MRI scanner with accessories (coils, operator console).




Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI unit with additional equipment (coils, Medrad Spectris Solaris injector, operator console).