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Mobile diagnostic imaging units


About us

The Eurodiagnostic Group consists of two companies that share their knowledge and resources while remaining clearly separate. Each company has a different speciality:

Eurodiagnostic sp. z o.o. focuses rental of mobile CT, MR and X-ray units.

Eurodiagnostic Polska sp. z o.o. manages reporting of diagnostic imaging examinations in the teleradiology system. Learn more!

Eurodiagnostic sp. z o.o. has been functioning in Poland since 2007, providing high-quality diagnostic imaging services.


Eurodiagnostic sp. z o.o. offers the rental of mobile diagnostic imaging units – CT, MRI and X-ray scanners.

We have 9 units, including 5 mobile CT units (trailers), 3 mobile MRI units (trailers) and 1 X-ray unit (container). We are continuing to expand our range to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Mobile CT units

CT1 – GE BrightSpeed Elite CT scanner

CT2 – GE Optima 540 CT scanner

CT3 – GE BrightSpeed Elite CT scanner

CT4 – GE Optima 520 CT scanner

CT5 – GE Optima 540 CT scanner

CT6 – GE Optima CT 660

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Mobile MRI units

MR10 – GE Excite HDxt 1.5T MRI scanner

MR11 – GE Signa Voyager 1.5T MRI scanner

MR12 – Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI scanner

Mobile X-ray unit

Philips Dura Diagnost x-ray unit

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